Workshop Programme

In Conversation with Bahram Beyzaie

Funded by the British Institute of Persian Studies and the Honeyman Foundation

School of Modern Languages, University of St Andrews

Each paper will be about 20 minutes with a 10-minute Q & A

Abstracts & Bios

Friday 23 June (13.45-21.00)

Venue: Lecture Theatre A, Bute Medical Buildings, Queen’s Terrace, St Andrews, KY16 9TS (MAP)

13.45-14.00:  Introduction by Saeed Talajooy

Panel 1 (English)

Saeed Talajooy

The Dialogue of Beyzaie’s Downpour with  Iranian Cinema: Intellectuality, Masculinity and Marginality

14.00- 14.30
Maryam Ghorbankarimi Captive Bodies Buried in Oblivion: Female Identity in Beyzaie’s Downpour (1972) 14.30-15.00  
Farshad Zahedi Exploring the cinema of Bahram Beyzaie: Space, Time, Bodies, and Memory




15.30-16.00:  Coffee Break   


Panel 2:  (English)

Saeed Zeydabadi-Nejad Language of Others vs Othering of Languages: Bashu and Multilinguality in Iranian cinema 16.00-16.30
Nina Khamsy  Little Strangers: Representations of Displaced Youth in Iranian Cinema
Farshid Kazemi The Speaking Tree: The Mytho-poetics of the Female Voice in Bahram Beyzaie’s Cinema 17.00-17.30


 17.30 – 18.00 Buffett Dinner (Speakers and Participants)


Panel 3: Film Screening and Discussion (Persian and English)

Bahram Beyzaie

Film Screening:  Ragbar (Downpour, 1972)

Persian with English Subtitles



Bahram Beyzaie Making Ragbar 20.00-20.30
Bahram Beyzaie   Q & A on Ragbar 20.30-21.00


Saturday 24 June (13.00- 19.15)

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Buchanan Building, Union Street, St Andrews,       KY16 9PH (MAP)

 Panel 4: One English and Two PersianPapers

Parviz Jahed

Crime Thriller Elements in Bayzaie’s Kalagh, Shayad Vaghti Digar and Sag Koshi

Fatemeh Khansalar

زبان طبیعت و زمین: خوانش بومگرایانه از غریبه و مه، چریکۀ تارا و باشو غریبۀ کوچک



Niloofar Beyzaie

 بهرام بیضایی، نابغۀ  خود ساخته و تلاشگر خستگی ناپذیر تئاتر و سینمای ایران



 14.30-15.00: Break


Panel 5: Persian and English

Reza Zarghamee   Darius, the Dragon Slayer 15.00-15.30
Hamid Ehya  زبان و شیوه های اجرایی در طرب نامه 15.30-16.00
Hamid Ehya & Sepideh Khosrowjah  پرسش و پاسخ با بازیگران طرب نامه  16.00-16.30


 16.30-17.15: Break

Performance : The Barron Theatre, 95 North Street, St Andrews, (KY16 9AD) Map

Panel 6: Persian 

Bahram Beyzaie Zahhak and Jamshid 17.30-18.00
Mojdeh Shamsaie

Shab-e Hezar-o-Yekom: Part 1  (Performance in Persian)

English translation will be provided on 23rd June.

Bahram Beyzaie

Q & A on Shab-e Hezar-o-Yekom (Persian )



19.30-22.00   Workshop Dinner (The Byre Theatre Restaurant)



The workshop has been funded by the British Institute of Persian Studies, the Honeyman Foundation, School of Modern Languages (University of St Andrews), and Institute of Iranian Studies (University of St Andrews). 

The Honeyman foundation was established by the generosity of A.M. (Sandy) Honeyman, a former Professor in the University of St Andrews in 1985  with the aim of encouraging education and research in general and study of Middle Eastern languages and cultures, in particular.