Conference 2016


Culture and Cultural Production in Iran: Past and Present

A conference funded by the Honeyman Foundation, School of Modern Languages and Institute of Iranian Studies

Call for Conference Papers
(17th, 18th and 19th June 2016)
Convener: Dr Saeed Talajooy <[email protected]>

This conference aspires to encourage the application of the evolving approaches to the study of culture to the history of artistic production in Iran. The unifying element of the conference, therefore, is artistic cultural production and the spaces in which it has occurred as an aesthetic, economic, socio-political phenomenon in Iran, particularly during the last two hundred years. We welcome a variety of submissions: from those that offer overviews of a particular form in a given period, to very specific studies of individual artists, works, practices, or material culture. We are also interested in the role these cultural products have played in the expansion of the concept of art and ‘the redistribution of the sensible’— what can be seen and heard in society due to the machination of political, cultural and religious aesthetics that confine these sounds and images in a hierarchical system of values. Of particular interest are also those papers that explore the theoretical aspects of the meaning and functions of art in Iran by studying specific topics. The conference, thus aims to encourage analytical and theoretical discussions on the multiplicity of locations that art (literature, cinema, theatre, music, dance, visual arts, architecture, etc.) occupies in Iranian discourse on modernity and post-industrial contemporaneity.


Confirmed Speakers Include:

Professor Ahmad Karimi Hakkak  (Literature)

Professor Mohamad Tavakoli Targhi (History of Cultural Production)



Dar Hozour-e Bad  (Bahram Beyzaie)

Director: Niloofar Beyzaie

Cast: Behrokh Babai,  Manutscher Radin,  Farhang Kassraei

Performed in Persian


The conference has been funded by the Honeyman Foundation, School of Modern Languages (University of St Andrews), and Institute of Iranian Studies (University of St Andrews). 

The Honeyman foundation was established by the generosity of A.M. (Sandy) Honeyman, a former Professor in the University of St Andrews in 1985  with the aim of encouraging education and research in general and study of Middle Eastern languages and cultures, in particular.