June 2017 Workshop: In Conversation with Bahram Beyzaie

23 & 24 June 2017

University of St Andrews


Funded by the British Institute of Persian Studies and the Honeyman Foundation

Bahram Beyzaie, the renowned Iranian playwright and filmmaker, will be receiving an Honorary Doctorate from the University of St Andrews on 22 June 2017. The awarding ceremony will be followed by a two-day workshop on 23 and 24 June to celebrate his unique, scholarly and creative contributions to Iranian culture, cinema and theatre in the last 55 years. The event  includes the presentation of several academic papers on Bahram Beyzaie’s cinema and theatre, the screening of his first full-length feature film Ragbar (Downpour 1972) and the solo performance of the first part of his play, Shab-e Hezar-o-Yekom (The One Thousand and First Night, 2003) by Mojdeh Shamsaie.

The event is free and open to public in whole or parts through pre-booking. For more information and booking, please contact Saeed Talajooy [email protected]



Friday (13.45- 21.00): Lecture Theatre A, Bute Medical Buildings, Queen’s Terrace, St Andrews KY16 9TS (MAP)

Saturday (13- 17.30): Lecture Theatre, Buchanan Building, Union Street, St Andrews,  KY16 9PH (MAP)

Saturday (17.30- 19.15): The Barron Theatre, 95 North Street (behind the front building), St Andrews, KY16 9AD (Map)


Participants include:

Bahram Beyzaie

Mojdeh Shamsaie

Niloofar Beyzaie

Hamid Ehya



The workshop has been funded by the British Institute of Persian Studies, the Honeyman Foundation, School of Modern Languages (University of St Andrews), and Institute of Iranian Studies (University of St Andrews). 

The Honeyman foundation was established by the generosity of A.M. (Sandy) Honeyman, a former Professor in the University of St Andrews in 1985  with the aim of encouraging education and research in general and study of Middle Eastern languages and cultures, in particular.